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Internet Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Having an attractive and informative web site is just the beginning to your web marketing strategy.  In order for your potential customers' to find you on the internet, your web pages must be optimized for the search engines. If you don't optimize your web pages, you cannot get high search engine rankings.

Sublime Biz Solutions will optimize your web site so that search engines can index your web pages.  Let us clean up your web site content and get behind the scenes to ensure your web site is being found on the internet.

SEO Keyword Analysis

If people can’t find you on the internet, then you are not maximizing your marketing potential. Keywords are the words that your potential customers will enter into search engines to find your web site It's important to have your web pages optimized with keywords that people really use.

If you target keywords that people don't use then your internet marketing efforts will be ineffective and you will waste time and money in the process.

Sublime Biz Solutions will review your keywords and make sure your search terms match your web site content. We will also determine the best keywords and search phrases for your web site

Your web site must have the right keywords on each page in order for top Search Engines rankings.  Let us cover all the angles to optimize your keywords so that more traffic will be directed to your site.

HTML Email Marketing

Your existing customers would love to hear from you.  Sending them an attractive HTML Email newsletter advising them of important updates or new promotions can help generate leads. Let us help you expand your data base by sending out strategically designed HMLT emails to your existing client base.

Professional Web Writing

The written content on your web site is the most important part of search engines optimization.  Each page on your web site must target specific words and phrases in order for Search Engines to index your web page.  Each page on your web site requires unique content and it should be written specifically for people browsing your web site

If your web site is written for print, it’s not written for the web.  Your potential customers don’t view web sites the same way they view an article or report.  People scan the web and if your web site is not professionally written and planned out you will definitely lose potential customers.

Look to Sublime Biz Solutions to for a professionally written content. We will make sure it is in harmony with your marketing objectives and that each page is expertly tailored to the Search Engines.

Social Media Creation and Management

Social media gives your business a voice and a way to communicate your brand.  It also helps you spread your company’s message in a conversational way.  Social Media makes you accessible to those interested in your product and makes you visible to those that don’t know who you are. 

Sublime Biz Solutions will help you determine the right Social Media networks for your type of business. We provide the following Social Media services:

  • Social Media Account Creation
  • Social Media Management
  • Friend Adding Service
  • Branding of Social Media Accounts

Social media carries a lot of value and it’s important that it becomes a part of your everyday life in order to get the attention you need for it to be successful.  Sublime Biz Solutions can manage any of your Social Media accounts.

what's new
November 1, 2010
SUBLIME BIZ SOLUTIONS is formerly know as SUBLIME DESIGN. Same great company with more to offer!

November 10, 2010
SUBLIME BIZ SOLUTIONS releases re-engineer web site including re-branding and expanding scope of services.

November 10, 2010
SUBLIME BIZ SOLUTIONS Announces special offer extended to first time clients, 10% off first invoice. Offer valid until Dec 31 2010.

• SUBLIME BIZ SOLUTIONS offers marketing and administration expertise to professionals and small to medium sized businesses throughout Canada and the USA.
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