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Word Processing

Spreadsheets, Graphics, Charts

It's important your spreadsheet's imagery match your company's overall look and feel. We will set up and create effective graphics, charts and spreadsheets that will embrace your corporate branding and make an inviting and professional presentation.

Mass Mailing

You've been collecting your customers’ addresses for some time now and you have a sale to promote or it is Christmas time and you need to send out lots and lots of mail. Sublime Biz Solutions can custom Design and print your Christmas cards, promotional materials or letters and negotiate the best postal rates.

Mailing List Entry

If you don't have your mailing list in an organized document or in a content management system, we can take all your customer information and enter into an efficient system that you can easily access and understand.

Mail Labels

Sublime Biz Solutions print all the mailing labels required to go along with your mail outs. We will handle all the mail returns and collate accurate mailing information so your data base is up to date.

Mail Merge

From your mailing list we will merge the addresses to the actual document or mailing labels. We have all the organizational skills required to complete a successful mail merge.


Sublime Biz Solutions will double check your document(s) to ensure the spell checker hasn't missed any grammatical and spelling errors. We will take the time to peruse your document to ensure the document reads as intended.

Editing & Formatting Documents

To maintain the integrity of your company's brand we will edit and format your documents in a professional way. Sublime Biz Solutions will layout and design your documents, style, text and headings, sort bullets and page numbers, format tables, create headers and footers where necessary.

PDF Converting

We can convert any PDF into a a fully editable word document so that you can edit the file. As well we can convert your editable word document into a non-editable PDF document, so that no one can alter your document.

Document Template Creation

Why reinvent the wheel over and over, when we can transform all your necessary office documents into office templates. We have the expertise to put just about any document together with the right finishing touches.

Data Entry & Copy Typing

Feel free to scribble down notes or photocopy pages from a book. When you send us your documents by email, fax or post will enter the information into the appropriate format and program.

Digital Transcription

You may not find it convenient to take notes or it might just be very time consuming for you to do, so digital transcription is the perfect solution. It's easy to use and we have the necessary software that supports most audio files. You can either dictate direct to your computer using a microphone or you can use a digital recorder on your phone and email the audio file to us for transcription. If this technique is not familiar to you we will be happy to teach you.

Audio Typing

If you have analogue tapes of letters, minutes of meetings, reports, manuscripts etc., we can easy transcribe those for you. When work has commenced we will send you the document by email, fax or post. Just let us know what works best for you.

what's new
November 1, 2010
SUBLIME BIZ SOLUTIONS is formerly know as SUBLIME DESIGN. Same great company with more to offer!

November 10, 2010
SUBLIME BIZ SOLUTIONS releases re-engineer web site including re-branding and expanding scope of services.

November 10, 2010
SUBLIME BIZ SOLUTIONS Announces special offer extended to first time clients, 10% off first invoice. Offer valid until Dec 31 2010.

• SUBLIME BIZ SOLUTIONS offers marketing and administration expertise to professionals and small to medium sized businesses throughout Canada and the USA.
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